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Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi

Movers And Packers In Abu Dhabi

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“if you put your life in boxes, it matters who carries them”

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Our Moving Company Core Values:

Proper Dismantling, Packing and Fixing

We do proper packing of every item which are you want to shift in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates, We have special packaging materials for each item like for Furniture we use Blankets, Stretch Roll and Clear Tape, For glass items and kitchen Utensils like dishes we use Bubble Wrap and Stretch Roll, For Small items, we use Cardboard Box and Clear tape. We are responsible for any kind of damage to your work. Like we will repair with a guarantee if we have broken something.

Expertise and professionalism

We have professional moving services experience in UAE. We are expert in Dismantling, Packing and fixing.
We dismantle every furniture item properly because Furniture Dismantling and fixing are the most important Relocation Industry tasks. Still, we have professional carpenters and workers because they have more than 20 years of furniture carpentry experience. We do proper packing for all of your expensive stuff and then shift it to the new location. As we list here that we have professional and expert furniture carpenters, they know how to fix the items in the new house.

Trustworthiness and Responsibility:

As Professional Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi, we would like to assure you that your trust is very important. We have a trustful crew which is never involved in any stolen case yet. If they find anything in customers unwanted items, also they return and ask for permission.
But there is one more thing in moving in Company: you have to keep Gold and Money with your items because our workers will put in boxes and then maybe you and we will not find on time. Therefore we don’t want to become a partner in any kind of misunderstanding.

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What will happen if you haven’t chosen Professional Movers and Packers Company?

Most things will happen if you do not select the best movers company because everything depends on company professionalism and work experience in the targeted area. Movers and Packers Company is responsible for your items damage and scratch. We’ll try to cover all those things you have to know before choosing any moving company in Abu Dhabi.

If you hired any freelancers, private or stand pickups to shift your house items in Abu Dhabi or the other Emirates of UAE, some things can happen, and there is no GUARANTEE.

Maybe they can steal some of your expensive items because once they finish work, then where you’ll find him. Or they can damage your items because of low packaging. As a professional moving company we serving for 20 years in UAE we have to receive too many complaints against the last time moving of our customers! Why? Because they damage items and also fight if you tell something about the work.

house movers and packers

Your items can damage you, then you can’t keep them in the home, and you can’t sell them the only way you will have to recycle those favourite expensive items.

You’ll think that if they’re too much risk of not hiring the best movers and packers, why in UAE, mostly people hire private pickups to shift their items?

This is why! Because they do not charge like a legal and professional movers company. They charge half of real movers and Packers Company as they do not provide any proper packing of furniture and other items. They don’t have proper wood carpenters who can properly and safely dismantle and fix your furniture. There are all workers, carpenters, drivers and packaging workers.

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